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Project Brabham

Project Brabham is a “bold new approach” for racing that makes motorsport more accessible, more transparent and more engaging to fans. Above all this, it allows a team to be more self-sufficient.

"It’s the only way…motor racing is expensive now"

- Sir Stirling Moss talking about Project Brabham

Brabham is one of the most successful and recognisable names in the history of motorsport and now David Brabham is continuing his father’s legacy by bringing the team name back through an innovative new model. This model starts by inviting you to crowdfund the first step of our journey. In return, we will be providing you with access to the inner workings of a race team from its early days of development, revealing information that is normally a closely guarded secret, and providing you with the ability to vote on certain team decisions from the outset.

"The others are not offering that sort of potential, of being involved, of getting the feedback and the inner stories"

- John Surtees OBE

There hasn’t been a Brabham team for over twenty years, but now the famous name is ready to embark on its next journey. Brabham Racing will initially compete in the 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship, which includes the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hours. The ultimate dream is to bring this same model to Formula 1 and potentially other exciting series such as the FIA Formula E Championship.

Project Brabham will appeal to three groups of people who are interested in racing, fans, drivers and engineers. We are going to provide unrivalled access to our team for all three, through Brabham-Digital, a knowledge-sharing and e-learning portal that will be the first of its kind in the sport. Not only will Brabham-Digital bring you closer to the action, but it will also allow you to progress your own skills in the sport, whether you are an amateur or a professional.

"[David’s] using new technology and the world…of the Internet in a way that no other racing organisations are using"

- Sir Jackie Stewart

There have been some battles to get to this point. David had to undertake a high court battle to win back the right to use the Brabham name, and the family endured the passing of their patriarch, Sir Jack Brabham. We have also received stunning endorsement for the project, both from the legends of the sport and from the wider motorsport community, who helped us raise over £100,000 in just three days.

It is a truly monumental effort to start a race team, so the drama will continue to be high and the experience unlike any other.

David Brabham – Team Principal

"I have long dreamt of seeing the Brabham Racing team back out on the track, winning at the highest level and continuing the legacy my father laid down when he first started the team in the Sixties.
Crowdfunding gives people the chance to be part of the team from the start. Once we have built a large community we will start to see the power of a collective force that will attract the funds and partners to make this journey a success. Come and join us and create another piece of history.”

Click here to contribute to Project Brabham and receive access to the inside world of Brabham Racing.